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AV Rated Memphis Business Attorneys Apply Time-tested Interdisciplinary Process to Deliver Solutions for Real Estate Enterprises

For Over 30 Years, Our Attorneys Have Been Leaders in Non-judicial Resolutions of Complex Issues Facing Real Estate Enterprises and Have Broad Range of Experiences Involving Real Estate

We will consider engagements involving qualifying real estate enterprises and their operating affiliates holding properties with aggregate values exceeding $100 million and/or owned by multiple equity holders.  Why do enterprises seek our assistance?

For over three decades, we have demonstrated skill and efficiency in addressing highly complicated issues confronting equity owners and their real estate enterprises.  Long before the phrase “alternative dispute resolution” was introduced into the business and legal lexicon, our attorneys developed and applied a process for the resolution of complicated issues involving multiple parties without resort to the courts.

The process begins with due diligence to determine if a potential engagement satisfies the firm’s requirements.  Even before a formal engagement agreement is executed, our attorneys must make a threshold determination regarding the nature and extent of the problems presented to them.

Once engaged, our attorneys pursue in depth review of the enterprise’s books, records, and other documents to assess the rights and obligations of the various individuals and/or entities having an interest in the enterprise, whether as an equity holder, creditor, lessor, lessee, management, vendors, customers, taxing authorities, other governmental authorities, among others.

We develop options that may be available to address the complexities facing the enterprise.  We assess these options for feasibility and we make recommendations to the enterprise.  Once the enterprise approves a course of action, we assist in obtaining the approval of all parties whose approval to a resolution agreement is required.  This requires skill, finesse and flexibility.  Though we do not have primary drafting responsibility for resolution documents, we review them for conformance with the overall plan.

We have applied our process in the context of disputes among equity holders, between equity holders and management, among fiduciaries and beneficiaries and insolvencies, among others.  We have found that all such matters may actually be presented by a single proposed engagement.

Real estate transactions

Our attorneys have experience with the following transactions, whether or not related to our non-judicial resolution process for real estate enterprises, including, among others:


  • Plan Development and General Consultation
  • Structuring Private Real Estate Vehicles
  • Non-judicial Resolution
  • Entity Organization and Compliance
  • Acquisition Transactions
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Sales Transactions
  • Tax Free Exchanges
  • Financing Transactions
  • Management Arrangements
  • Reorganizations
  • Equity Holder Disputes
  • Conflict of Interest Transactions
  • Fiduciary Obligations


Our attorneys have applied our process to enterprises focused on one or more of the following classes of real estate, among others:


  • Multi-family
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial




When your real estate enterprise is faced with issues that may have a significant impact upon the enterprise and/or its equity holders, our firm’s attorneys, counselors and consultants are, in appropriate cases, available to assist the enterprise and/or its equity holders in negotiating agreements with other individuals and entities whose approvals are necessary in order to finalize resolutions.  Once engaged, we will seek to obtain the enterprises’ objectives efficiently.



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