Estate Planning

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The sound and ethical guidance you need to protect yourself, your loved ones and your preferred charities

When engaged to provide corporate or real estate services on behalf of an enterprise, we seek to address current issues confronting the enterprise and/or its high net worth principals and to promote value for their benefit.  The principals of our clients enjoy the benefits of our representation while actively involved in their business, they nonetheless turn to us for careful, thoughtful planning for death, disability, retirement and other unforeseen eventualities that may be in the offing.  When principals consider the consequences of a divestiture of their interest in private enterprises, they turn to us to assist in safeguarding the proceeds of any such sale transaction, again through careful and deliberate estate planning.  We pride ourselves in delivering the personal attention our clients need to achieve peace of mind as they focus on their family’s future.

Assisting with all aspects of trusts and estate planning

Few people enjoy thinking about what will happen if they pass away, but sound estate planning is absolutely critical to your future and the future of the individuals and charities close to you. Proper planning allows you to manage your assets during your lifetime while arranging for the timely and cost-effective distribution of your estate after death.

We deliver comprehensive legal counsel on the following:

  • Family Succession Planning
  • End of Life Planning
  • Fiduciary Obligations
  • Simple and Complex Trusts
  • Charitable Giving

Estate planning often involves difficult decisions, and our lawyers can provide much-needed clarity. This includes choosing the appropriate personal representative or trustee, who should be someone you trust and know will make the best decisions possible in a variety of circumstances. You may also need to adjust your will and other estate planning documents over time to reflect changes in your wishes and family dynamics.

It’s also important to consider your options when it comes to reducing or avoiding federal and state death taxes. There are numerous tools available to reduce or eliminate death tax obligations, and our attorneys will coordinate with your tax professionals to explore these options and leverage those applicable to your unique needs and situation.

Speak with a qualified estate planning lawyer

To set up an estate plan that best protects you, your loved ones and your assets, consult the dedicated attorneys at Magids Cottam PLC. Our office is based in Memphis and we serve successful individuals and families throughout southwest Tennessee. For a consultation, call us today at 901.609.8935 or contact us online