About Us

Jack Magids and Charles Cottam are the members of Magids Cottam PLC.    Having practiced together since 1980, these highly recognized lawyers have developed a boutique practice providing valuable legal and consulting services centered on established enterprises and their principals.

The firm is known for its results-oriented strategic and tactical skills applied to comprehensive due diligence, options analysis, plan development, negotiation and closing activities.

The firm has assisted dozens of clients in navigating complex challenges involving ownership disputes, management disputes, financial distress and succession planning.  In tandem with its business planning services, the firm provides estate planning services.

Jack Magids has been recognized by Best Lawyers of America as the 2010 Lawyer of the Year in Memphis for Corporate Law; and as the 2015 Lawyer of the Year in Memphis for Bankruptcy & Creditor Rights/Insolvency & Reorganization Law.

Charles Cottam has been recognized by Best Lawyers of America as the 2014 Lawyer of the Year in Memphis in Banking and Finance Law.

The firm’s time-tested processes have been applied to enterprises covering a broad cross-section of industries including, among others:

  •      Regional developers, owners and managers of real estate of various classes;
  •      Healthcare providers;
  •      Medical devices;
  •      Entertainment;
  •      Marketing and advertising;
  •      Retail;
  •      Wholesale, including importers;
  •      Financial including mortgage origination;
  •      Food services;
  •      Restaurants;
  •      Logistics;
  •      Manufacturing;
  •      Government Contracting;
  •      Agricultural; and
  •      Automotive